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Realtor Info

We are excited to have you show property at The Black Rock Community and Golf Club. It’s our intent to partner with you and help you be as successful as possible.
Black Rock is a private community and as such, we owe it to our residents to protect their privacy.  Please bring “serious” buyers only. In order to view the golf course and/or clubhouse, you MUST be hosted (by staff or a member). No exceptions.
Property Access Procedures:
1. If you are showing property to a client who potentially has an interest in viewing the Clubhouse and/or golf course at Black Rock, PLEASE first call 208.676.8999 or email (kellib@blackrockidaho.com), Randee Goodwin, Director of Member Services,  in advance of your visit to ensure availability for a tour.  
2. Upon arrival, realtors must check-in at the guard gate.
a. Give a business card to the security guard.
b. Inform the security guard which property (or properties) you will be viewing.
c. The security guard will keep the business card – and issue a Realtor Pass and property map.
3. The Realtor Pass must be visibly displayed on your dashboard while on property.
a. There is useful information printed on the back side of it.
4. Once on property, the realtor is to then call Randee Goodwin, Director of Member Services and confirm the clubhouse and/or golf course viewing (if applicable).
5. Realtors are to exit from the FRONT gate and return the Realtor Pass and map to the security guard. The back entrance/exit is for MEMBERS ONLY.
          a. Please report back to the security guard if you viewed additional homes.

Property owners and or listing agents of property within the Black Rock Community may have Open Houses under the following Guidelines:
1. The Black Rock Homeowners Association approved time for an Open House is from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and/or Sunday only.   Please notify Neal Robertson, On Site General Manager, at 208.660.0612 if you have any questions relating to the Black Rock HOA.
2. Agents/owners who wish to have an Open House event are required to submit notification to the Golf Club at Black Rock Clubhouse, phone number 208.676.8999, no later than the Wednesday before the Open House is to occur.  A list of any scheduled Open Houses will be provided to the security staff at the Main Entry Guard Gate for distribution to interested home purchasers who wish to come through the Black Rock gates to view an Open House. (If the Open House has not been scheduled in advance it will not be on the Open House list and guests may not be admitted for viewing.)
3. Each Agent/owner conducting an Open House must check in at the Main Entry Guard Gate at least 15 minutes prior to the Open House.
4. No signage, including, but not limited to, banners, streamers, balloons, sandwich signs or staked signs is allowed within the Black Rock Community.  For Open Houses, however, we will make a temporary exception and will allow one sign advertising the Open House to be placed on the actual property.
5. No promotional materials will be passed out by Security personnel. Security personnel will provide a handout to each Open House visitor that will include a list of open houses for the day, directions or a map to the Open Houses, and a list of available properties within the Black Rock Community.
6. An agent or the property owner must be at the property being shown at all times during the Open House event.
7. A visitor will be allowed access to the Black Rock Community if they come to the gate asking to visit an Open House(s) on the list. The guard will record the visitor’s name and note the automobile make, color and license plate number and issue a colored Open House visitors pass. The guard will instruct the visitor to keep the Open House visitors pass in clear sight while driving in the community and to return it when leaving.
8. Security personnel will politely explain to any and all visitors that the pass will entitle them to access streets in the Black Rock Community without an escort only to view an Open House. If they wish to view the entire community they will need an escort. They will also be told that the pass must be surrendered at the Guard House when they are leaving the Black Rock Community.
9. Any licensed realtor that requests access to a specific property will need to show a valid business card. The guard will record the realtor’s name, the license plate number of their vehicle(s) and allow access. The standard Realtor gate pass will be issued. If a home is listed for sale, the owner is required to provide the gate with a request to allow the listing agent access to the property for a specific range of dates.
10. When the Open House is finished, each realtor will call the Security personnel at the Main Entry Gate, phone number 208.667.8543, to inform them that their Open House has been secured and all persons visiting have vacated the home. The security staff should then verify that each Open House pass issued for that day has been returned by the visitor(s).